• Ocean view from the Four Seasons Manele Bay terrace on Lanai


Lanai City, small but a wondrous paradise

Lanai’i (pronounced “Lah-nye-ee”)use to be known as: “The Pineapple Isle” but since very little pineapple is grown on the island, is now frequently called the “Secluded Island”. Away from the crowds and hustle of everyday life, Lanai is a destination of untouched tranquility. This romantic island is a true ‘secluded’ getaway.

A sister island of Maui, Lanai is the fourth youngest and one of the smallest of the Hawaiian Islands, yet has much to offer. Home to just over 3,000 people – almost everyone lives in Lanai City, a Lanai vacation is ideal for rest, relaxation and romance. Until recently, a Dole pineapple plantation comprised most of the island. Culture and history abound on Lanai, with a variety of historical sites and topographical features. Lanai shares the channel and visible from northwest coast of  Maui  and Moloka’i.  With the remaining Hawaiian island chains in either direction: Oahu, Kauai, and Big Island.


Lanai Airport

Lanai’s main airport is Lanai Airport (LNY).

Major Industries of Lanai


  •       Tourism


Lanai has an area of approximately 141 square miles with 47 miles of coastline. Lanai is 13 miles wide and 18 miles long, with only seventeen miles of paved road.










Did you know?

  •        Lanai is the 6th largest of the 8 main Hawaiian Islands.
  •        Lanai is the only island in the Hawaiian chain from which 5 other islands can be viewed.
  •        Lanai is home to rare species of plants and endangered animals including the Hawksbill Sea Turtle.
  •        Lanai is located near the center of the Pacific Ocean
  •        Lanai was formed by a single shield volcano, Palawai, which erupted approximately 1½ million years ago.
The quaint Hotel Lanai in Lanai City

The quaint Hotel Lanai in Lanai City

Wrap yourself in the elegance and amenities of two exquisite Four Seasons resorts. Unwind at the historic Hotel Lanai in charming Lanai City. Relax and rejuvenate in the peaceful seclusion that has can be best described as “Hawaii’s Most Enticing Island” and see why so many fall in love with Lanai.

Click on the below links to navigate to each area to explore accommodation options or contact us to discuss and start designing your Lanai’i paradise vacation today!









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Lanai Slack Key Guitar Festival

Lanai Slack Key Guitar Festival

Plan your trip during one of Lanai’s special events. Experience one-of-a-kind cultural festivals, performances and special events throughout the year on Lanai like the Annual Lanai Pineapple Festival that takes place in July.





Sesame teriyaki grilled chicken

With only a handful of local restaurants in Lanai City and fine cuisine at its luxury resorts, there’s more than enough dining in Lanai to satisfy any appetite. For a real taste of local food and culture visit Lanai City.
For fresh international fusion, feast in style at the Dining Room at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele and the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay. Beverly Gannon, one of the original founders of Hawaii Regional Cuisine, has also designed the menu of the Lanai City Grille giving you a taste of award winning fare in an intimate setting. Here are some suggested favorites:

Blue Ginger Café in Lanai City
Pele’s Other Garden in Lanai City
Canoes Lanai Restaurant in Lanai City
Café 565 in Lanai City
Lanai City Grille at the Hotel Lanai
Ocean Grill at the Lodge at Koele
Hulopoe Court at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay

Lanai Plantation Store in Lanai City

Lanai Plantation Store in Lanai City

No need to stress about mall parking in Lanai, as you won’t find a single shopping mall on these shores and that’s exactly how the people of Lanai like it.  Shopping in Lanai City is a laid-back experience, where hidden treasures can be found under the shade of Dole Park’s towering pine trees. Six blocks long on each side of the park, Lanai City features art galleries and charming boutiques offering local fashion, unique souvenirs and handcrafted keepsakes.

Jordanne Fine Art Studio
Mike Carroll Gallery
Dis’ N Dat
Lanai Art Center
Local Gentry
Gifts with Aloha


Shipwreck beach off the coast of Lanai

Lanai is small enough for activities that feel more intimate and personal, but big enough for a variety of adventures. Lanai’s luxurious resorts offer activities; for golfers, two high-caliber golf courses make Lanai a mandatory stop. And for explorers, enthralling sights like the lunar landscapes of Keahiakawelo (Garden of the Gods), the iconic Puu Pehe (Sweetheart Rock) and unforgettable Shipwreck Beach are distinctly unique to Lanai. But to really see the unexpected side of Lanai, explore the island’s 89,600 acres of countryside and remote beaches by 4-wheel drive.

Kayaking in Hulopoe Bay on Lanai

Kayaking in Hulopoe Bay on Lanai

Visit glorious Hulopo’e Bay, a marine conservation area populated by tropical reef fish and spinner dolphins. Enjoy popular watersports including snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing and deep-sea fishing. To help you get started in planning your great Lanai adventure, contact us today for more details, quote and bookings.


Average temperature is 70º to 85º F, with Lanai City cooler than the beaches due to its elevation. Lanai’s weather is relatively dry for a Hawaiian island, receiving only about 37 inches of rainfall per year.

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